G.E. RATTE Asset Management


Asset Management &
Portfolio Planning

To maximize returns while controlling the level of risk, we employ a “Core and Satellite” strategy. The “Core,” or bulk of the portfolio consists of individual stocks, ETFs and fixed income investments which are actively managed by us. The “Satellites” are the smaller positions, which contribute to the diversification that reduces portfolio volatility and also offer the potential for significant returns. We are firm believers in the benefits of diversification, both across asset classes and amongst them. All portfolios are managed in the context of a highly customized wealth management solution for each of our clients.


Core U.S. Equity Strategy 

In-house Tax-Sensitive Portfolio Management

We build portfolios of individual stocks, customized to you—your goals, risk tolerance and tax considerations. Portfolios are well-diversified across industry segments and no single position is ever greater than 5% of the initial contributed capital. Our process is characterized by:


Core Tax-Free Fixed Income Strategy

For many of our clients we provide customized, state specific, fixed income (bond) portfolio management. The objective is to maximize after-tax income while tightly controlling risk.


We have excellent relationships with multiple Wall Street trading desks, which means our execution of our clients’ trades is among the best in Hawaii.


CORE Taxable Fixed Income Strategy

Our taxable fixed income services utilizes best-in-class mutual fund providers (Goldman Sachs, Double Line, PIMCO and JP Morgan for example) to build optimized global fixed income portfolios. We do extensive quantitative analysis on the universe of fixed income mutual funds. We also stay in contact with the fund sponsors and, when possible, the actual portfolio managers as well.


Global Diversification Strategy

Global Portfolio

We utilize low-cost exchange traded index funds (ETFs) to build inexpensive, tax efficient and liquid global portfolios.

Global Emerging Market Diversification

We feel that emerging market securities play an important role in diversifying a portfolio as well as offering the opportunity for significant positive returns. We look for quality investments in each of the following classes:


Satellite Strategies

We are always looking for opportunities outside the universe of stocks and bonds. These non-standard asset classes help to diversify the portfolio and so lower volatility while offering the opportunity for significant positive returns. Typically, we look for opportunities among the following asset classes, as well as others: