G.E. RATTE Asset Management



The investment industry tends to overcomplicate the path to achieving your goals. Our duty is to support our clients through the journey. Like the bamboo plant, we stand tall with integrity, yet remain flexible in order to accommodate your ever-changing needs. Our services encompass a range of financial and investment needs.

G.E. Ratté Asset Management is an independent investment manager and wealth advisor with offices in Honolulu and New York City. With a quarter of a billion dollars under supervision, we provide services to individuals and families, small businesses and charitable organizations across the United States. Our team has over eight decades of combined experience in all areas of investment management and financial planning. We place our client’s best interests above all else, and assure them of only the highest ethical standards and unmatched competency in our field. We combine decades of Wall Street experience and unmatched credentials with true island Aloha to provide our clients with the best possible service, customized to their needs and goals.

G.E. Ratté Asset Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor; we have a legal and ethical responsibility to put what is truly best for our clients above all other considerations. The only compensation we receive for our services comes directly from our clients. We have no conflicts of interest. In addition, G.E. Ratté Asset Management is an independent registered investment manager in Hawaii with two Chartered Financial Analysts on staff. The CFA designation assures our clients that we adhere to the highest ethical standards and have unmatched competency in the fields of security analysis and portfolio management.

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