G.E. RATTE Asset Management



We invest the time to understand our clients. We work closely with our clients through each of the steps in the development of their wealth management.



We start by understanding our client’s investment and financial goals, and tolerance for risk. First, we want to ensure a full understanding of your goals. We assess your situation and determine your financial ability to withstand any variables in investment.


We set up investment guidelines with the client:

  • Regular portfolio reviews
  • Rebalancing policy
  • Benchmarks and targets
  • Policy on the use of options and derivatives


We determine the client’s concerns and constraints:

  • Liquidity and cash flow needs
  • Time horizon—When will this money be needed?
  • Tax situation
  • Legal and regulatory restrictions
  • Client’s own unique needs and preferences
    • – Avoid the stocks of tobacco companies, the defense industry, or other industries?
    • – Are there certain countries that the client wants to avoid?
    • – Is there a legacy stock position that must be dealt with?






  • We constantly monitor our clients’ portfolios to optimize the balance between reward and risk.
  • We also meet regularly with all our clients to insure that we fully understand their changing needs.